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"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and strong, because some day in your life you will have been all of these"
- George W. Carver


Groom Senior Living, Inc. specializes in care for your loved ones with very high levels of care, memory and behavioural issues. Below are a few testimonials regarding how we have been able to assist our families.

Dear David and Lori,

Our heartfelt thanks go to you and your staff for the tender, loving care of Sylivia Levine, my mother.

She was moved to Ambrosia House from New York City two years ago. From the first day Joanna and her other caregivers made her feel and attended to all her needs.

We were able to see from Moms smile and the loving way she related to Joanna, Jonell, Tracy, Shemika and the rest, that she was happy and well cared for.


Marilyn and Al Diamond

Dear Lori,

Things have calmed down a bit since Mom's death. Things have gotten back to normal and we are all at peace because we know Mom is finally at peace. I just wanted you, and your staff at the Allen residence, to know how much we appreciate all that you did for Mom while she was at a resident. I know she was there only two weeks. But the compassionate care that she received was very reassuring to us, her family, and I know Mom responded to it also. Your staff is quite phenomenal. They were always very upbeat, yet always tender and caring with your residents. I was moved the day that I came to pick up Mom's things after her death as I watched Monica and the other aide see to the lady that was in the bed next to mom. They spoke to her softly, told her they loved here and were so gentle with her. There is no way that anyone would not appreciate that kind of loving care, even those afflicted with the demon dementia. Please let all of them know how appreciative the family was, and remains, with regard to their care of Mom.

Thank you for making her final two weeks comfortable and "home like". Mom was a stay at home wife and mother. It is fitting that her life ended in the same environment she provided her entire life... loving home.

Wishing you all the best,

Judy Kirby, on behalf of the family of Catherine Cannon

Dear Lori,

Thank you so much for the loving care you and your staff at Ambrosia house provided to my mother, Earlene, during her last months of life. We were at our wits end trying to find a place for Mom after her nursing home was bought out and abruptly closed due to remodeling. Your residential care facility was recommended to us and when I walked in to Ambrosia House for the first time, I knew it was perfect for Earlene.

I still can't believe that you got Mom, furniture and all, moved in one day! Since she was in late-stage Alzheimer's Earlene required a great deal of care and your staff was terrific. You also made sure that her hospice care was not interrupted after the move. Every time that I or my brother visited, we were greeted with the wonderful smells of delicious home-cooked meals and the sound of conversation and laughter between health care workers and residents. Mom had a very nice room that had lots of light and over looked the backyard and pool-she definitely would have approved.

Lori, I give you the highest recommendation possible and would be glad to speak to anyone who is considering one of your residential facilities for a loved one. You are an amazing woman and I feel so blessed that you came into Earlene's life at a time when she needed you so much.

You and the entire staff at Ambrosia House will always have a place in my heart.


Kathleen French

Dear Lori and all the staff at the Diane House,

I do not have the words to tell you how much it meant to me and my family to know you and to thank you for the compassionate car you gave my mom Louise. From the minute she got there she felt safe and cared for. Ms. T, Toni, Jessica and Victoria thank you for the support you gave me during my visits to my mom. I will always remember your dedication and hard work and the care and concern you show all your residents.

God Bless All of you,

Lynn Hayes

Dear David,

We want to thank each of you for taking such loving care of our father. He found peace and contentment in your home and companionship through your kindness. You will always be remembered lovingly.

Dear Ambrosia Family,

I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave to my father over the last few months. It was a great comfort to me to know that he was well taken care of especially since I am so far away.

The Pettijohn Family

Dear Groom Senior Living Staff,

Thank you so much for all of the care, patience, time and back-bending effort you provided to my father, Barry Jacobs, from mid-February until May 9th, the day of his passing.

I know you all work so hard there, and I just wanted you to know how very much my mother, Barbara, and my husband and I appreciate all that you did for him. Even though he might not have shown it, I do believe deep down he really knew that living at Aylesbury was the best place for him, even though in an ideal, illness-free world, he would have preferred to be living at home with his wife. We will forever be appreciative of the kindness and compassion you all showed to him.

Best Wishes,

Allison Holland

Dear Lori,

We would like to thank you and your staff for taking care of Grandma. My mom felt the kindness in the hearts of you and your staff when she first visited the home, it felt like home. You exude such personal attention and care of your residents - you are a beautiful person, Lori. It was a sense of security and pleasure to have our Mom/Grandma in your care. Thank you for your generosity of spirit to our whole family, especially to our beloved Grandma and Mom.


Carol Reeves, Tonya and the rest of Effie Blanton'ss Family

Dear Lori,

I just wanted to thank the Groom staff for the wonderful care you all took of my dad. As you know my dad's dementia had progressed to a point that he needed a lot of attention; not just physically but emotionally also. Unfortunately the nursing home he was living in was not staffed for this type of care. They cared a lot about my dad but did not have the manpower to address this need. So we had to find a place that could meet his needs. We were nervous. But through a series of events we found Groom. I will never forget the day that my sister called to tell me that you had met my dad and felt he would be a great fit at Diane House. We were so relieved and happy.

While dad was at Diane house he was well cared for by the staff. They consistently provided the appropriate responses to him. A lot of my dad's aggressive behaviors he had developed diminished while at Groom. And the ones that did not quite go away, the staff could handle and did not seem bothered by. That means so much to the family. My sister and I felt like we had some of the load lifted from us.

On a side note; as a part of my Social Work licensure I have to attend CEUs. I have been going to conferences addressing Gerontology issues. One of the presenters, who has worked as a Psychologist in the field of Gerontology for over 20 years, talked about how many facilities do not have staff trained in Behavior Management which is needed when working with Dementia patients. Groom is rare in that your staff is trained in Behavior Management.

My dad was not as Groom long because he passed away about a month after he moved into Diane House. He was on Hospice and died at Groom. He was so heartbroken the day he and my mom had to move out of their home of over 40 years. Being that Diane House is an actual home in a neighborhood was the closest to his house we could give him. As he was on Hospice it was encouraging for him to be in a house. Outside his door were the sounds of a home. We are glad he could have that during his last days.

A couple of things to end this letter on, my sister observed one of your Diane House staff working with a resident. The resident's roommate had just passed away. The staff person was talking to this resident, who had just done something for her roommate's family, and the staff person told her how proud she was of her courage. That staff person had no idea my sister saw this interaction. What is done by people without an audience speaks volumes. Lastly, one of us had asked my dad if he was happy at Diane House, and he said yes. That gave us peace.


Julie Burke

Groom Home,

My name is Kelli Thacker-Taylor. My father is George Thacker, a resident in you Allen home. I am sending this letter of appreciation to you specifically for the manager of the Allen home, Antonio.

My father George has been a resident at Groom now for over two years. Your entire staff is comprised of knowledgeable, wonderful people, however Antonio's professionalism and compassion stands out. He is remarkable. Antonio's patience and concern for my father is outstanding. It is a great comfort to us to know that Antonio is there caring for the head of our family. We came to Groom in despair of finding placement for Dad where he would be cared for with gentle understanding due to the nature of his illness. Antonio was able to acclimate my father into the Groom home and provide my family and I with the peace of mind that comes only when you know that your loved one is tended to with capable hands. We have embraced Antonio as one of our family members in that we believe he shares our common interest in providing a caring environment where my father can live every day of his life with dignity. On our visits we find that Dad is always clean, always cared for, and always happy. It is our belief that Antonio has everything to do with that. Antonio is also a good communicator in that he keeps us informed on Dad's condition and his needs. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for the patients at Groom; in your wisdom you selected him for the manager of that location.

I am a Registered nurse, therefore I am very care critical by nature and I must say that you have assembled a stellar staff at the Allen home. Each team member works hard, and we appreciate their dedication to the residents. However, Antonio stands out in the minds and hearts of our family as an integral part of my father's care because of his work ethic, integrity, and attention to detail. As a result of our family's experiences with staff members such as Antonio, we would happily endorse and welcome serving as references for anyone considering Groom for the care of their loved one.


Kelli Thacker-Taylor RN

I opted for Groom Senior Living simply because of the location which is in a residential area. The facility was clean, there are no odorous smell within the area. The residents were kept well groomed always. I got my mother her own room with her own bed and a private bath. The staff were caring, and they have mutual bonds with the residents. Parties were also held for the residents' families. I checked on my mother different times a day to check on the food, it was delicious. In addition, they have multiple homes available. The residents have options to try and move to different homes. I would definitely commend this to others.

Rebecca - Family member of resident

Ed was placed in a Groom Senior Living home after being discharged from multiple facilities for aggressive behavior due to frontal lobe dementia.

"I was told that their [Groom Senior Living Inc.] mission was to make my husband's and my quality of life better... that is exactly what they did."

Mrs. Pat Smith

I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the care and support Groom has provided my Dad. He has significantly improved during his stay with your staff. I could not be more pleased with the care and service you are providing. It is comforting to know that he is being well cared for and we have flexibility to travel and always know he is in good hands. I could not give you any higher recommendation and would welcome to the opportunity to discuss how pleased we are with any prospective clients.

Thanks again for your service, it is truly a Godsend of finding your organization.

Rick Brantley

My father in law, Dick, was diagnosed with ischemic stroke dementia at 63. He was a practicing attorney in San Antonio and retired shortly after being diagnosed under the advisement of his doctors. He lived alone for several years until he could no longer keep up his daily activities. After about 4 years, Dick moved in with his son and his son's family. As the disease progressed there were stages in which he had paranoia. These feelings of distrust towards his family made it clear that Dick could no longer live at home. We also understood that as the stages progress there would be many situations that we could not handle. As much as it broke our hearts we moved Dick into an assisted living facility. Because of his excellent physical health, young age, and ability to carry on short conversations, he was placed in the independent side of the facility. Within two days, the facility required that we provide 24/7 companion service. This was a huge expense and we felt tricked. He was then steadily moved from place to place with each one more intense and progressive in care than the last. Most facilities could not handle his aggression, mobility, strength, and "loving" behaviors. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital who said a nursing home was his only option. The case manager told us that two places in Texas would take him. We were so appalled and thought surely we weren't the only ones going through this. We moved him to Dallas to a memory care unit. He did well there for a year before yet again being admitted to a psychiatric hospital for hitting another resident. Our hearts break every time he is moved. Any change in his environment would set him back tremendously. It baffled us to think that there were only two places in Texas that would take him and now one was off the list. At the next psychiatric hospital we again ran into several obstacles. The discharge date was moved up without notice, they gave us one option of a nursing home very far away (that wasn't a locked unit). He went for one day before being sent back to the psychiatric hospital for hitting a woman in the back. This was five environment changes for him in one month and I can only imagine his confusion.

Finally, Brian Culpepper from Groom Senior Living contacted me. I was very skeptical because if no one else could handle Dick's behavior, how could they? We visited the residence where Dick would live and we loved it. The caregiver / resident ratio was excellent and it felt like a "real" home. After talking with the owner David Groom and asking every question I could possibly think of, we moved Dick in immediately. First, it was the EASIEST move we have ever had for Dick. Brian and David made sure everything was taken care of. I felt a little uneasy because every move in the past had been painfully hard with many breakdowns in communication. Dick moved in easily with no confusion, anger, or anxiety. We immediately noticed that Dick seemed very calm and happy. In the past, when we looked at other residential care homes, there was always something that needed to be taken care of (transportation to doctor visits, possible requirement for sitter service at our expense, family responsibility to pick up medications etc). At Groom Senior Living, they take care of everything.

I am currently getting my masters in nursing for my Nurse Practitioner license, we have two small kids (ages 1 and 3) and my husband works full time in Marketing for a auto company. Needless to say we are very busy and really appreciate knowing that Dick is so well taken care of. I used to always have an uneasy worried feeling. I was always so worried that he wasn't getting the attention, health care, and everything and anything else that he deserved. I now rest easy for the first time in a long time. Dick is doing so great, no aggression, no anger. He is on 1/4 the medication he was when he got there. The staff is fantastic and I can tell that they truly care about him. I feel so lucky that we are able to have Dick in such a fantastic place. He has befriended the other residents and always has a smile on his face when we see him.

I know it's so hard to know what to do in this kind of situation. There are marketers from every kind of facility promising they are a great match for your loved one. We had to go through at least 6 before getting here. Groom Senior Living is a fantastic place and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Dick really feels like this is his home. They have allowed us to just enjoy being with Dick. There is no more constant worry about Dick's safety, health, and peace.